Breast Firming (Non-Invasive)

Breasts can lose firmness and elasticity due to numerous reasons; usually women experience this after pregnancy or rapid weight loss. It can be very difficult to restore the volume lost in this area with exercise or without going under the knife.

The technology of Vacuum suction combined with micro current has proven to work very well to help restore firmness, muscle strength and overall appearance in the breast area. As well as the obvious advantages there is no scarring or visible effects like going under the knife.

This treatment modestly enhances the breast area without the use of Needles or knives, with no noticeable scarring or marks. This treatment is designed at women who have lost the perkiness on the breast area due to different factors, such as childbirth, breast-feeding and ageing process.

The treatment involves four different technologies all in one 30-minute session;

Micro Current – pectorial muscles are being exercised to produce protein.  This tightens and firms muscle, increasing tone.

LED Light therapy – red light rejuvenates and repairs stretch marks and stimulates collagen production.

Vibration – induces contractions in muscle and tendon fibers, increasing muscle power and strength.

Vaccum – Breast tissue expansion, the vacuum increases the fluid flow opening ducts to increase breast size, similar to when pregnant, all the capillaries open up so more blood hence giving us larger and firmer breasts.

Treatment takes 30-mintue’s only, can instantly increase breast size by up to two cups, but for a more permanent effect a course of treatment is recommended.

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Treatments Available and Pricing

Permalift (Non-Invasive) – £60 per treatment

Electro Stimulation – £49 per treatment

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