Weight Loss

Weight gain is something that can become an issue for anybody, at any point in his or her life. Weight gain can be put down to an intake of more calories followed by lack of exercise, however there are other issues such as lack of sleep, stress, working unsociable hours and certain medications which can make it even more difficult to lose those extra pounds.

Cavitation (Non-invasive Liposuction) is the “go to treatment” for individuals who have a stubborn area of fat deposits, however for clients who want to curb their cravings, appetite suppressants pills prescribed by our Doctor are the perfect choice. An independent clinical study showed that patients lost up to 14 lbs in four week with the weight loss pills.

Treatments Available and Pricing
Cavitation – £49 per treatment

Presso-therapy – £49 per treatment

Electro Stimulation – £49 per treatment

Thermal Blanket – £49 per treatment

Vibration Plate – £3 per 10 minute session

Radio-frequency – £55 per session

Weight Loss Tablets – £25 for two weeks | £49 for four weeks

# Course of treatments available, please check the pricing here

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