Anti Ageing

Skin shows signs of ageing as a result of collagen breakdown; this process begins from the age of 25. Other external factors such as bad diet, smoking, drinking and stress can also be a cause of ageing. Sun damage and environmental factors can also reduce the skins ability to regenerate.

However, these concerns can be addressed and prevented with a tailor made course of treatments. Skin sensitivity level, age and external factors will be considered whilst in consultation.


Treatments Available and Pricing

Diamond Tipped Microdermabrasion – £55 per treatment

Mesotherapy (alternative to Botox) – £65 per treatment

IPL Rejuvenation – £55 per treatment

Glycolic Peel – £55 per treatment (20% strength) | £65 per treatment (+20% strength)

Age or Eye Peel – £65 per treatment

Skin Needling – £220 per sessions (Course of 3 for £600)

# Course of treatments available, please check the pricing here

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